Tomasz Omelko was born in 1973. He is a Polish painter, graphic designer, drawer and illustrator. From the beginning of his artistic career, he dominates his unique abstract style. Presently his works can define the style of painting. His artworks are based on the experience and his architecture knowledge. The artist creates his own recognizable style, and the most important thing for him is a dialogue with his audience. Therefore, many times we can observe the most curious interpretations of his works. The resources of his images seem to be inexhaustible. Reaching for many formal solutions and mixing techniques, the artist confirms the thesis that a contemporary postmodern artist can draw on any existing tradition of art while maintaining his own and very autonomous language of artistic expression. In the artist’s work, it is not only the visual side of his paintings that attracts interest. No less intriguing is their genealogy, derived from the tradition of 20th-century painting masters, especially those who foretell the avant-garde.

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