Pier Toffoletti

Pier Toffoletti was born in 1957 in the province of Udine. Since he was a young boy, painting has been a passion and he drew inspiration from the tiles and frescos which were a part of his daily life. He has taken part to two hundred personal and collective exhibitions including in 2009 at Villa Farsetti of Santa Maria di Sala (Venice). In 2008 personal exhibition at the Museum Correr of Venice, at Palazzo Senato in Milan and at OPEN XI at the Lido in Venice. He mostly paints women figures. In Pier’s art, marks and graffiti have become a mysterious language which is fascinating to the viewer. He exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo. He has also taken part in many international fairs in Austria, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Las Vegas, New York, Madrid, Belgium, Ukraine, Czech Republic.