Adipocere , a.k.a. Josh is from Melbourne, Australia. Josh developed an interest in embroidery as art in 2014 after he cross-stitched an homage to the film Alien. He first publicly presented his hand-stitched artworks in 2015 in Los Angeles’ The Hive Gallery, introducing a part sinister, the part entertainingly ironic realm to a contemporary fan base that could have previously shunned grandma’s good craft. As a dedicated Surrealism and stop-animation fan, it took him a few years before he turned his dark imagination toward the needle and the thread. Colors of his works are typically minimal (black, white, touches of green or red) and the artworks beautifully uncluttered, contouring and empowering our somber vision before we launch our personal inquests and write our own private stories.

Isn’t that amazing work? Please follow the artists on his official media, you can also buy his products on his official shop:


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