Mariusz Lewandowski is a surreal artist born in 1960 in Poland. Lewandowski’s paintings are sated by an apocalyptic mood, accentuated by the wide, dusty and simply emptied landscape he creates. The main subject of the paintings is desolated sinking ships, wild sea and sometimes galactic and divine characters. He is interested in music and unexplained phenomena. Pouring over the oil paintings that Mariusz has brought to life, it’s clear he loves to pull from apocalypses and cosmic horror; focusing in on barren worlds, cataclysms, and other-worldly beings that are completely beyond mere mortal comprehension. He also places a strong focus on imagery pertaining to hooded, grim reaper-figures in many of his works too. Some might say that a Polish person loving such images and motifs is pretty much expected, but there is a reason behind all of this.

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