Kitty Sabatier was born in 1959 and lives in Toulouse, France, where she trained at the Fine Art School and at Bernard Arin’s Scriptorium. She opened her first atelier with Michel Derre in 1986 and published Cher maître, Lettres de Rilke à Rodin (Alternatives) in 2002. She worked in Paris as a graphic designer for the publishing and communications industry. Some of her works are called “Failles” and “Equilibres” and indeed they make us dizzy as we are swept into a labyrinth of light and shade, thrown off balance by dazzling whites surrounded by blocks of black or blue, and we get lost in unlikely charts of enigmatic signs. Probing the body of the letter to its bony skeleton, Kitty uses her immense talent to create spaces that vibrate with matt or velvety blacks and blank landscapes crossed by a streak of ink. Currently, Kitty teaches calligraphy and typographic drawing. She also freelances as a graphic designer, and regularly shows her works at exhibitions.

Web site: Kitty Sbatier