Klaudia Gaugier lives in Europe, in southwest Poland. In the first place, Klaudia creates a doll’s face made of porcelain-chamotte clay. The doll’s face determines its entire character. The characteristic cracks or scratches result from the author’s fascination with medieval sacred and folk sculpture. Body, thighs, and arms are made of carefully selected materials and fabrics: gray linen canvas, sophisticated taffeta, plush, velvet and wool. Horka Dolls are peculiar things with soul, surreal beings that join elements of realism and fiction and because of this evoke extreme feelings, from awe to fear. They are a kind of homunculi or golems, wherein a lifeless matter a seemingly human particle of life lies enchanted. She has been creating dolls since 2012 and her main motivation does still remain the perspective of making an exceptional object and the exciting possibility of the visual transformation of matter, during which simple, shapeless material that is clay is transformed into an object of great power.

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