Nekro was born in Spain in 1983. He is an illustrator and a digital artist with a unique and personal style, marked by a desaturated color range with small touches of color, works especially with photocomposition. He is an author of “13 inches”, published by Norma editorial. He usually works as a cover artist of the best publishers of the world and his illustrations can be found in the most important compilation books. He has worked with the most prestigious publishers (Harper Collins, Penguin Books, Random House, Tor Books) in more than 20 countries. Nekro also illustrated covers for Stephen King (The Dark Tower), Garth Nix (The Keyes to the Kingdom), and Philip Reeve (Fever Crumb, in the Mortal Engines universe). He also worked with some of the best art directors in the world: Irene Gallo (Tor Books and Orbit Books) and Jon Schindehette (Disney, Fox, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, Wizard of the Coast).