Laly Millie

Laly Mille is a talented mixed media artist, dream seeker and wholehearted inspirer from France. Laly re-discovered her passion for creating when she became a mum and reached a crossroads in her life. Mille, a French mixed-media artist, has her studio on the top floor of her Loire Valley home. The quietest spot in the house has a skylight offering beautiful morning light that’s perfect to work by, plus beautiful views of trees and birds. The light illuminates the light gray walls, which serve as a backdrop to Mille’s artwork and art supplies, including paint brushes, markers, artist crayons, paint, mediums, and canvases. This part of her process, she adds, is her way of inviting inspiration and serendipity: “Materials come together in ways I didn’t anticipate, color schemes appear spontaneously, words and images give birth to new stories. I give myself complete freedom.”

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