Josias Scharf

Josias Scharf is an artist who was born in Brasil in 1969. He studied Fine Arts and Art Education UFPE (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco). Josias develops his work in open series, caused by his reflections on his everyday life in Berlin, the city where he lives and where he reflects his work on the differences and similarities with his Pernambuco and Brazilian peculiarity. He explores the unconventional methods of expression in painting, as well as forms of visual perception and games in search of new forms of aesthetic imagination. In this method, the image reached in his current series, a three-dimensional quality that demands an inquiring glance from the viewer. His paintings come from the belly, from intuition, memory, and emotions; the subconscious. He feels a strong connection with nature and his childhood.

Web site: Josias Scharf