Irakli Nadar is a true master of portraiture from Tbilisi, Georgia. He was born in 1989. He creates incredible hyper-realistic digital paintings. The details of colors and strokes are perfect and sometimes it’s hard to believe that it was done on the computer. On the one hand, his breathtaking artworks have brought him worldwide fame and legions of adoring fans on various social networks, but his success and enviable skill have also made him the target of criticism from both rival artists and the average internet trolls. Luckily, he has learned to live with both, and says that tough as it sometimes is, he just ignores the haters and focuses on the positive. Irakli bases many of his artworks on reference photos he finds online and sometimes does manipulate them in image editors like Adobe Photoshop, “to get a better idea for the composition” and see what his digital painting will look like.

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