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Yoanna Symbiosis – unleashing Art through pure love and intuition

Introducing Yoanna Symbiosis, an artist who has discovered a remarkable way of creating art by letting her intuition guide her. Her works are a...

Claudio Parentela – eternal war between the white and the black

Claudio Parentela was born in Italy. He specializes in various original white and black drawings, comics, and photos. Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter,...

Loic Doudoudidon – recyclable soul with distort objects

The Breton Loic Tarin, aka Doudoudidon was born in 1974 in France. He passed the baccalaureate, then a degree in advertising graphic design. He...

Basia Flores – without emotional boundaries

Barbara Grzybowska Flores is an illustrator from Poland. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. She currently lives and works in...

Joe Fenton – galactic journey through life

Joe Fenton is a British artist, designer, sculptor and illustrator who was born in 1971. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Sculpture...

Kirill Semenov – dark Russian reality

Kirill Semenov was born in Russia. He specializes in various original creepy drawings. He likes to draw since the earliest year. In time drawing...

Annemarie Cecilia Thea Braunsteiner – unconscious emotions

Annemarie Cecilia Thea Braunsteiner was born in Austria. She was working as a biochemist & biotechnologist in a pharmaceutical company before relocating to New...

Jenna Barton – gulf between see and the feeling

Jenna Barton is an American illustrator who draws animals. Barton was born in San Francisco but currently lives in the mountains of Utah. She...

Ian MacArthur – brilliantly crafted illustrations

Ian MacArthur is an illustrator and artist who is known for both his black and white traditional tattoo and animation inspired art. His work...